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The Gift

For 6-17 year old children, including children on the autism spectrum. Intended to be played alone or together with a caregiver or therapist, in this demo level children solve the social challenge of organizing a party for an animal friend, practicing social skills with a baker, a decorator and a music-maker. This game was created with advice from an autism child development specialist.


Elsa's Brew

For players 12 and up.  Elsa's Brew is a Virtual Reality witchcraft game. Players are are challenged to collect herbs for a healing herbal potion by moonlight. The game is historically inspired by the life of an accused Austrian witch, Elsa Plainacher. Players visit a village where she once lived . The game explores the marginalized medical and magical history of medieval women healers who were persecuted as witches.


Fiona's Lab

For 4-7 year old children. The game introduces young players to a STEM career as a scientist. In this game all the scientists are cats.  While Dr. Meow collects soil samples, her lab assistants Fiona and Leo conduct tasks like identifying small insects in a microscope, coloring chemistry experiments, and sorting out soil samples. This game is inspired by the soil ecology laboratory of one of our advising scientists.



For players 12 and up.  Float Z is a mind and body wellness game. This virtual gym and playground challenges players with disco moves, puzzle solving, meditation, and telekinesis.

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