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Thank You Game

For 4-12 year old children, including children on the autism spectrum, this game is for improving social skills. For play alone or together with a caregiver or therapist, the goal is to organize a party for an animal friend with a baker, a decorator and a music-maker. Children practice communication, kindness and gratitude. This game was designed in consultation with a child development specialist.



Elsa's Brew

For players 12 and up.  Elsa's Brew is a Virtual Reality witchcraft game. Players are are challenged to collect herbs for a healing herbal potion by moonlight. The game is historically inspired by the life of an accused Austrian witch, Elsa Plainacher. Players visit a village where she once lived . The game explores the marginalized medical and magical history of medieval women healers who were persecuted as witches.


Fiona's Lab

For 4-7 year old children. The game introduces young players to a STEM career as a scientist. In this game all the scientists are cats.  While Dr. Meow collects soil samples, her lab assistants Fiona and Leo conduct tasks like identifying small insects in a microscope, coloring chemistry experiments, and sorting out soil samples. This game is inspired by the soil ecology laboratory of one of our advising scientists.



For players 12 and up.  Float Z is a mind and body gym in Virtual Reality. Players solve  brain teasing puzzles while performing dance moves.  They then calm their minds and heart rates at meditation stations.  Interactive puzzles in each level explore topics such as attachment, self-love, curiosity, and nurture. Challenging brain, body and breath, this wellness game's holistic aim is to improve mental health and overall fitness.

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