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Carrot Houses and video of Elsa's Brew prototype



Evolution of ideas for Elsa's Brew, a history inspired witch game made with Unreal Engine's VR template

Dressed Up

Game Design Process

Overall design process of a game prototype, from ideation, storyboards, paper prototypes to digital prototypes


Which Game Software fits my project?

Software Development dilemmas, pros and cons of Unreal vs. Unity vs. Gamemaker...

Bar Chart

Game Developer Ecosystem

Game Developer Ecosystem including TurboSquid, Unreal Marketplace, Blender, On Discord: Sacramento Developer Collective, SF Game Development, Upcoming GDC-Game Developer Conference, Creative Capital Showcase(local expos), Games for Change, Indiecade) Game Jams, VR Publishing Platforms such as Metaquest, SteamVR, Sidequest


Unique VR Design Challenges

Unique challenges of designing for VR games: Testing each iteration takes longer with VR, OpenXR unstable, headset devices not standardized, variety of safety concerns, needing space to move around in RL, performance issues, frequent crashes, cables or potentially laggy Wifi, publishing with Android Studio and ADB for Quest tricky process


Under the hood of Elsa's Brew:

Show VR Template in Unreal



A visual coding tool in Unreal Engine:

a. Show small blueprint to play sound on Grabbed event



b. Make blueprint to move moon with branch and speed variable


Live Play

Invite audience members to play Elsa's Brew live

VR Goggles

Questions, Comments

Invite audience members to share ideas, questions

Image by Jon Tyson

Prototype Exercise

Form group(s) and do an exercise of a prototype for a VR template game

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